Racarsoni - Representações Têxteis e Comércio, Lda
Estrada Nacional 105, nº4790 - Pavilhão A
4835-517 Nespereira - Guimarães - PORTUGAL
Telf: +351 253 439 830

Welcome to Racarsoni!
RACARSONI is a company with head office on the city of Guimarães, Portugal.
Is activity abridge essentially two areas: Agent and Services. We are at two decades to the service of Portuguese Home Textile companies to the international market. In the last ten years we have as our principle market, for the collocation of products, the Spanish market.
Is in this market that RACARSONI have is potential clients and, are those clients that trough business opportunities that they present itself, that give to us encouragement to proceed our guideline of conduct, work, service and integrity.
On the services area, RACARSONI as been searching to give answer to all the challenges that have been done to us, a lot of that of them have become in goo business of mutual interest, for us and the clients who search ours services.
Is in this area of the services that in the last few years we have been given special attention to our performance, trying with our action manage to get the products that the clients need and in this way to shorten the path between producers and clients.
Trying in each contact that come to us search for the best and more efficient solution for each one, In the way to make the things easers on the global world that we are living.
To our valuable clients we promise to allays improve our services and to the ones o search for a solution to their business, on RCARSONI we will give our best to achieve that.
To serve our Clients and You is an stimulation to our continuity.